• Form-fit powered dock designed specifically for the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active5 & Tab Active3 wrapped in a Samsung OEM protective case or RAM® Skin™
  • Slim-profile design at 2.28" depth with metal reinforcement plate
  • Compatible with most RAM® dock accessories including RAM® Vent-Temp™, RAM® NFC Extender, and side accessory attachments
  • Provides charging connectivity through integrated pogo pin technology and USB-C cable
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty
RAM® Low-Profile USB-C Powered Dock for Tab Active5 & 3
Part#:RAM-HOL-SAM58CPTU UPC:793442021930 Patented & Pats. Pend.
The low-profile RAM® Powered Dock for Samsung Tab Active5 & Tab Active3 (RAM-HOL-SAM58CPTU) offers a slim profile at 2.28" in depth with a metal reinforcement plate for a smaller footprint. Power capabilities from the dock are provided to the device through pogo pin technology and integrated USB-C cable, taking advantage of the Tab Active5 & 3's pogo pad docking contacts—simply dock the device for a seamless charging experience. This modular dock is compatible with the RAM® Skin™ or factory device skin along with most RAM® accessories including: RAM® Vent-Temp™, RAM® NFC Extender, and side accessory attachments such as a phone mount or barcode scanner. Included is a set of four nuts and bolts to connect the dock to any RAM® components containing the universal AMPS hole pattern.

hardware included

(4) #8-32 x 5/8" Machine Screws
(4) #8-32 Nylock Nuts
(1) Optional Cable Clamp Housing
(2) Large Cable Ties
(6) Small Cable Ties

hole pattern

4-Hole AMPS: 1.181" x 1.496"


High strength composite

packaging type

Poly Bag

input voltage


output voltage


power output


input connector

USB Type-C Female

input cable length



3 year warranty


0.98 lb

Additional Information

This dock is not compatible with the GDS® Hand-Stand™, RAM® Temp-Right™, or GDS® Roto-Mag™.