RAM® Tough-Mirror™

Discover the new rugged mirrors for motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, and other off-road vehicles. Built for adventure, the RAM® Tough-Mirror™ is the perfect addition to any motorcycle in any environment — whether you're cruising down the interstate or pushing limits on technical trails. Each of these motorcycle mirror mounts include 100% genuine RAM® modular ball & socket components to guarantee a secure connection so you can focus on riding. The RAM® Tough-Mirror™ is designed to be aerodynamic, cut through wind resistance, and take on rough riding. Find your compatible motorcycle mirror mount kit for your motorcycle below.

Genuine RAM® Components

As the only rugged motorcycle mirrors on the market consisting entirely of 100% genuine RAM® ball & socket components, you can ensure a secure connection throughout your riding experience.

Intentionally Designed

Designed by the RAM® Mounts in-house engineering team in Seattle, Washington, the RAM® Tough-Mirror™ offers industry-leading visibility with its large mirror surface area; made with stainless steel and high-strength composite components that are backed by a lifetime warranty and built to withstand the most rugged environments, RAM® has you covered.

Aerodynamic Shape

The sleek shape of the RAM® Tough-Mirror™ was designed with aerodynamics in mind to reduce wind resistance, enabling riders to experience enhanced stability and fuel efficiency. By reducing drag, the streamlined design of these motorcycle mirrors not only complement the aesthetics of the motorcycle, but also contributes to a more enjoyable and safer ride.