Wireless Charging Phone Mounts

RAM® Mounts is proud to introduce the world’s first patented, universal waterproof wireless charging phone mounts. Both the RAM® Tough-Charge™ with X-Grip® Technology and the RAM® Quick-Grip™ Wireless feature Qi charging capabilities, and are compatible with the RAM® double ball and socket mounting system for the ideal placement of your device. These wireless chargers for cars are MagSafe Charger friendly and do not effect the magnetic mounting capabilities. For the best motorcycle phone mount with wireless charger, see the U-bolt handlebar mounts below.

RAM® Tough-Charge™ with X-Grip® Technology

Featuring popular, spring-loaded RAM® X-Grip® technology, this phone holder’s arms expand and contract to secure nearly any phone while delivering Qi wireless charging. Each arm includes rubber-coated caps, and the open design keeps your phone, buttons, and switches fully functional.

RAM® Quick-Grip™ Wireless

As part of the spring-loaded RAM® Quick-Grip™ family of phone holders, take advantage of one-handed placement and removal of your phone as well as Qi wireless charging. Top and bottom docking cups with rubber inserts provide a secure fit, with your phone screen remaining fully functional.


From on-water applications to protecting your wireless charging phone holder from accidental spills, the RAM® Tough-Charge™ and RAM® Quick-Grip™ are fully waterproof. A silicone sleeve is also included to ensure the USB connection is kept waterproof as well.


Pair the RAM® Tough-Charge™ and RAM® Quick-Grip™ with any phone and case that supports Qi wireless charging. The RAM® Tough-Charge™ features a support leg that can easily be adjusted or removed for added security and the RAM® Quick-Grip™ features top & bottom cups which are designed to hold different sizes of phones firmly in place.

Safety Tethers Included

Designed for outdoor applications and rugged use, each RAM® Tough-Charge™ and RAM®Quick-Grip™ includes a safety tether.

Power Accessories

The RAM® Tough-Charge™ and RAM® Quick-Grip™ supports power output up to 10W. Depending on your use case, Qi charging capabilities can be delivered directly via USB, with a cigarette lighter adapter charger, or with a hardwire charger.