GDS® Tech™ for Zebra Handheld Computers

Upgrade your device protection with new GDS® Tech™ and IntelliSkin® for Zebra's rugged line of Handheld Computers. These connective Zebra mounting solutions deliver faster charging, increased reliability, and ease of use providing remarkable boost in efficiency your workforce needs. Discover all the benefits of switching to GDS® Tech™ for Zebra Handhelds below.

Fast & Convenient Charging

By upgrading to the GDS® Tech™ and IntelliSkin® system, your devices will charge up to 30% faster when paired with compatible chargers. The built-in pogo pin technology allows for an easy workflow without fumbling with cords — simply dock the IntelliSkin®-wrapped device to charge.

Reliable Connection, Rugged Protection

Each IntelliSkin® is uniquely built to protect the device using soft, shock absorbing rubber with an
internal USB-C connector that protects the device and it’s main port. This design converts the connection point to flat pogo pad docking contacts that are easy to clean.

Multi-Port Charging

When not in-use, charge up to six IntelliSkin®-wrapped Zebra handheld computers with one multi-port charging dock. An alternative option includes individual RJ45 ports for pushing updates over an ethernet connection.

Heated Pogo Pins

Heating elements built-in to the vehicle docks provide the necessary heat required to prevent pogo pins from locking up, allowing your Zebra handheld computer to charge and operate in wet and freezing environments like cold storage warehousing. This feature will help protect the connection between device and dock so you can stay focused on daily tasks without hiccups.

Modular Mounting & Accessory-Ready

Each dock comes equipped with a 2-hole mounting pattern to unlock hundreds of RAM® mounting components so you can customize your mount to your needs, and environment. Additional space is provided to accommodate extended battery packs as well as the OEM hand strap accessory when docked.