Mounts for weBoost Antennas

When adventurers hit the open road, reliable communication and connectivity are essential companions for their journey. That's what makes RAM® Mounts the perfect partner for your weBoost antenna. With unparalleled security and adjustability, you can enjoy every moment behind the wheel instead of worrying about whether your device will still be attached to your rig. Discover mounting solutions for weBoost antennas below.

RAM® Ball Adapters for weBoost

For weBoost antennas, there are two RAM® ball base adapters that fit perfectly. These are the ideal starting point to build a mounting solution custom to your rig. Shop the RAM® Ball Adapters below and learn more about the weBoost antennas they're made for.

RAM® Solutions for weBoost

Take the guess work out of finding the ideal mounting solution for your weBoost antenna. With our complete kits, you can expect a rugged, secure solution featuring a seamless installation process. Browse our most popular kits for weBoost antennas below.