Zebra TC73/TC78 Docks & Mounts

The next generation of mobile computers is supported by the industry leading rugged mounting provider, RAM® Mounts. Loaded with all the latest technologies, the new Zebra TC73/TC78 paired with RAM® docking solutions creates unmatched performance and reliability. With RAM®'s form-fitting design and multiple configurations, a mounted TC73 or TC78 allows the end-user to maintain the functionality of a workstation, two-way radio, RFID scanning, and a PBX handset. Discover all the features of the RAM® Mounts TC73/TC78 docks, below.

Pogo Pin Technology

Integrated pogo pin docking contacts align with the TC73/TC78 pogo pads for a user friendly charging experience—no ports necessary. Plug in the 1.2m-long DC barrel connector to the vehicle's power source and simply dock the device into the holder for instant charging capabilites.

Form-fitting Design

Keep a small footprint with RAM®'s TC73/TC78 form-fit design. Form-fit design means keeping the lowest profile possible while mounted in-vehicle. The spring loaded top cup adds ease of use with one-handed docking—simply press upwards with the device in-hand and drop the bottom half into the dock.

Open Functionality

Thoughtful design around the TC73/TC78 allows for access to buttons and the integrated stylus holder. Extra space is also provided for easy docking and undocking of the device, even while wearing thick gloves.

RAM® Compatible™

The modularity of RAM® Mounts opens up a whole world of mounting options. Start by attaching a B or C size RAM® ball adapter and determine where you will be mounting your new TC73/TC78. From there you can customize your mount with various socket arm lengths and bases.

Accessory Ready

Besides the integrated stylus holder, additional space was provided to accommodate Zebra-specific device accessories such as the Zebra hand strap accessory and extended capacity batteries.