Samsung Galaxy Tab S9FE and S9FE+

Explore ew docking solutions for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9FE and S9FE+ by RAM® Mounts. Configure your connective docking station with a GDS® Tough-Dock™, or take advantage of the new universal GDS® Uni-Conn™ system.

IntelliSkin® System for Tab S9FE Series

The IntelliSkin® System is an ultra-rugged and reliable docking solution built for connective longevity. With a military-grade drop protected sleeve and built-in USB-C connector, IntelliSkin® protects the most important part of the device — the USB Type-C port. This built-in connector converts USB-C to flat pogo pad contacts on the outside of the IntelliSkin® that are easy to clean and shields the USB-C port from dirt and debris. Pair with a wide variety of GDS® Docks™ for full device enablement.

GDS® Uni-Conn™ for Tab S9FE Series

The GDS® Uni-Conn™ is the newest innovation from RAM® Mounts, utilizing a universal snap-in docking system. All that is needed is an attachable button adapter and an IntelliSkin® protective case to enable this revolutionary docking station—eliminating the hassle of costly device upgrades. When considering your next device upgrade, there truly is only One Dock to Connect Them All™.

GDS® Tough-Dock™ for Tab S9FE Series

These IntelliSkin®-enabled powered vehicle docks are built for the toughest environments, so your workforce can rely on consistent connectivity without any hiccups. GDS® Tough-Docks™ utilize pogo pin charging with configurable connector options, including power-only, power + USB-A peripheral support, locking options, and more. All holders conveniently connect to the RAM® Mount double ball and socket system for a wide variety of customizable mounting options.