Zebra ET8x Docks & Mounts

Whether you're a First Responder, manufacturing line worker, or Field Service technician, your customer’s work is fundamental to their community. Keep the Zebra ET80 and ET85 2-in-1 Tablets ruggedized with RAM® docking stations. These docks support the device with or without the Rugged Frame, with or without the Friction Hinge Rugged Keyboard, AND accommodates tablet add-ons.

Keyboard Compatible

To accommodate for the Friction Hinge Rugged Keyboard add-on, open space on the bottom of the dock allows for the hinge to connect. A thoughtfully designed docking latch maintains the ET8x's position even while opening and closing the rugged keyboard.

Add-On Temperature Modules

Located at the back of the dock is an empty housing for upgrading your mounting solution. This housing can accommodate various temperature modules provided by RAM® Mounts. Easily install either the RAM® Vent-Temp™, which connects to your vehicle's A/C vents, or the RAM® Temp-Right™, which provides regulated heat in extremely cold environments.

Peripheral Support

Connect up to two desired peripherals while keeping the device charged through the pogo pin contacts when the device is docked. Power is provided by connecting to the dock's 5.5mm DC power jack, while peripheral support is provided by the built-in USB Type A single, or dual connector. This makes adding peripherals such as a keyboard, scanner, or printer easier than ever.

NFC Compatible

Each of these ET8x docks have a built-in housing that allows for an add-on NFC repeater to be installed. This NFC repeater extends the ET8x's native NFC reader to communicate with NFC tags and devices even when the device is docked and not in direct contact with the NFC tag or device. This feature can be useful for applications where the ET8x needs to be mounted in a fixed location and NFC functionality is required.

Add-On Accessory Bracket

Available mounting surface on both sides of the dock provide a designated area for included mounting brackets to be installed. This add-on acessory bracket allows for additional device mounting such as a phone, or scanner, as well as slots for cable management.

RAM® Compatible™

Building a mobile workstation on a forklift? Turnkey work truck mount? Opt for a either a C or D size RAM® 75mm x 75mm VESA bases, or 4-hole AMPS round bases to open up a world of mounting components built for any vehicle, in any environment.