Retail Mounts

Technology has greatly changed the retail experience for customers and businesses alike. These changes have also brought more and more devices into several aspects of the retail industry – merchandising, inventory management, and in the warehouse – and with that comes the need for mobile mounting solutions from RAM® Mounts. With rugged mounts for tablets, scanners, and other devices, depend on RAM® in retail settings.

GDS® Technology™ for Retail

IntelliSkin® is a protective device sleeve featuring an integrated power connector that’s compatible with any GDS® charging dock, allowing for seamless integration in retail settings. This innovative solution prevents damage to the charging ports of phones and tablets, creating a universal docking platform compatible with any device wrapped in an IntelliSkin®. With IntelliSkin® and GDS® Technology™ for retail, keep devices charged and at the ready.


With RAM® Mounts for inventory management devices, tablets, and scanners, ensure employees have quick and easy access to the equipment they need. RAM® provides several options for mounting bases, arms, adapters, and holders that all take advantage of the RAM® ball and socket system.


When it comes to displaying phones, tablets, cameras, laptops, and other electronics, rely on RAM® Mounts for rugged and dependable solutions. RAM® offers drill-down universal mounts that prevent theft and are compatible with a wide range of devices. Utilize RAM® for other display elements such as lighting and much more.

Point of Sale

As more and more retailers are embracing point of sale technology through apps, trust in rugged tablet and scanner mounting systems from RAM® Mounts. Start with a drill-down base or a portable solution like the RAM® Tough-Claw™ for rails and bars, then choose an arm and compatible device holder for a complete setup.


RAM® Mounts offers a selection of rugged mounts that are ideal for warehouse settings. Square post clamps and the RAM® Tough-Claw™ attach directly to posts and rails, allowing for the connection of device cradles for scanner guns, phones, tablets, and more.

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