iPhone 15 Mounts & Solutions

The iPhone 15 series has been unveiled, along with exciting new features like the USB-C connection, customizable action button, and dynamic island. If you're thinking this year is the year for an upgrade, RAM® has your back with confirmed device fitment for our universal options along with custom form-fit holders coming soon!

Universal Solutions

When you invest in a RAM® Mounts solution for your phone, you're purchasing a timeless piece of equipment that, when the time naturally comes for an upgrade, will fit your future phone. Backed by a lifetime warranty, you can trust RAM® to secure your phone now and years down the road.

Form-Fit Holders

With the RAM® form-fit cradles, simply roll the top clip over your iPhone to secure your device while keeping all buttons, cameras, and charging ports exposed and accessible. Thoughtfully designed for the always on-the-go individual, easily insert and remove your phone with a single hand.

GDS® IntelliSkin®

With Apple's decision to discontinue the lighting port and integrate a USB-C connection into the iPhone 15 series, they've unlocked the future of connection. Coming soon to RAM® and the GDS® Ecosystem™ is the IntelliSkin® for the iPhone 15. Businesses will be delighted by the charging capabilities and military-grade drop protection provided by IntelliSkin®, especially when integrated into the GDS® Ecosystem™ .

Advice & RAMspiration