The RAM® Tough-Track™ expands into no-drill dashboard mounting. Now available for dash mounting on the 2018-2023 Jeep JL, JLU, and Jeep Gladiator, this dash mount is the best way to mount your phone, tablet, handheld radio and more for Jeeps. Being able to mount multiple devices creates an ideal Jeep mount for overland and off-road enthusiasts.

RAM® Tough-Track™ for Jeep JL, JLU & Gladiator

Consisting of a dash mounting plate (screws included) and a top-loading composite 12” RAM® Tough-Track™, easily attach RAM® Track Ball™ components along with double socket arms and a phone holder, tablet holder, GPS holder, handheld radio holder, and more.

Build Your Jeep Dashboard Mount

Utilizing 12 inches of track, you can safely add up to four devices on track mounting components. Build your Jeep dashboard mount how you like it and shop components and kits for your phone, tablet, handheld radio and more.

B Size Components for Small Devices

For phones, handheld radios, GPS units, and another small devices, explore our B size components to build your ideal mount. Secure your phone with a variety of base options, use a small tablet for backseat entertainment with the RAM® Torque™ base, and more.

C Size Components for Large Devices

For tablets, laptops, and other large devices, explore our C size components to build your ideal mount. Use your tablet as an infotainment center with a windshield mount, secure your laptop with the RAM® No-Drill™ system for an in-vehicle office, and more.