Fan Friday - February Finds

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Once a month we feature unique setups from RAM® fans on Instagram. It's February and we're loving the ways people used our mounts this month! Check out the adventures that the RAM® community have gotten up to and the solutions that keep their devices safe!

Boats & Birkenstocks

 @aubreylmack 's RAM ® X-Grip ® paired with a drill-down ball base allows him to keep his device secure during high speeds & rough travel on the water. 

AubreyLMack sitting next to his Gatortail motor on a boat and using his RAM® X-grip®

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Off-Road Luxury

@off_road_dmv's dashboard is fully equipped, featuring the RAM ® X-Grip ® & Tough-Mag   ensuring devices are accessible & in reach—ready to conquer the trail ahead! 

Monkey Business

@sisemupcustoms is no stranger to modifications—check out his fully custom Honda Monkey with the RAM ® X-Grip ® mounted to his handlebars.

A man riding the a custom Honda mokey with his phone secured to the handle bars  with his RAM® Mounts

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