Pole-To-Pole EV Expedition Visits RAM® HQ

Pole-To-Pole EV Expedition Visits RAM® HQ

Chris and Julie from Pole to Pole Electric Expedition aren't strangers to the road less traveled. In fact, they're on a mission to be the first electric vehicle to drive from pole to pole. During their 17,000-mile route, they stopped in Seattle and we were lucky enough to connect! Check out the mounts we used to upgrade their vehicle and keep their devices safe on their journey. 

Communication Kept In Reach

While Julie and Chris will be crushing backcountry trails, their travels will take them through large, populated cities like Seattle! They opted for a RAM® X-grip® with Twist-Lock suction cup for easy-to-reference navigation.

Garmin Montana Dashboard Solution

Julie and Chris found that the only device they'd be able to rely on in the poles, was the Garmin Montana. To keep it secure, they opted for a dashboard adhesive solution with a form-fit holder for their device. 

GoPro® Headrest Solution

The Pole to Pole EV Expedition team is recording their record-breaking adventures and needed help with a third perspective they weren't able to capture from their rearview mirror. Using the RAM®  Torque base, we were able to secure a GoPro® to the passengers headrest so that viewers will be able to see what it's like behind the wheel of the Nissan Ariya.

Build Your Entire Mounting Solution

Find a mount for nearly any device, vehicle, and location. 

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