New Aviation Mounts for the iPad mini 6

New Aviation Mounts for the iPad mini 6

With RAM® Mounts in the cockpit, you can ensure your new iPad mini 6 is safe and secure during flights. Engineered to withstand up to 50 g’s of force, the RAM® double ball and socket system allows for near-infinite adjustability so your iPad can be placed exactly where it’s needed. RAM® has partnered with airlines including Alaska, American, and Delta—as well as the U.S. Air Force—and continues to create inventive solutions that keep important devices secured in the sky.

RAM® Mounts carries the necessary tablet holders for the new iPad mini 6, including the form-fitting RAM® EZRoll’r cradle, the RAM® Tab-Tite holder, and the RAM® X-Grip® for cased iPad mini 6’s. Whether you’re looking for a yoke mount, mount to the airplane windshield, or attach your iPad on your leg utilizing our kneeboard mount, RAM® has you covered.

Kneeboard Tablet Mounts

iPad mini 6 Suction Cup Mounts

Airplane Yoke Mounts

Check out this episode of RAM® Live where we covered our aviation solutions for the iPad mini 6, the pro’s and con’s for each of these options, as well as listing out the top mounting options for the aircraft cockpit, and making sure you have a thorough understanding what of what mount is best suited for you. 

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