With a full suite of mounting solutions for wheelchairs and devices, RAM® Mounts offers a wide range of accessibility mounts. Utilizing the innovative RAM® ball and socket design, these mounts provide your devices with a secure fit and are compatible with numerous bases such as clamping and track options. Explore the full line of RAM® accessibility mounts below.

Armrest Track Mounts

Armrest Mounts

Mount almost any phone by pairing the RAM® wheelchair track base with the armrest track system on your wheelchair. With the RAM® double ball and socket system, attach an easily adjustable double socket arm and compatible phone holder. Popular universal holders like the RAM® X-Grip® allow you to securely mount nearly any phone, no matter the device’s size or if it’s in a case.

Seat Track Mounts

Most seat track systems are compatible with the RAM® wheelchair track base, allowing you to attach a variety of compatible RAM® double socket arms and device holders. Select a ready-made kit or choose from a wide variety of components to create a custom mounting solution for your phone or tablet.
Seat Track Mounts
Leg Rail Mounts

Leg Rail Mounts

Utilize rail bases like the RAM® Tough-Claw™ – along with flex rod extensions – to create a customizable mounting solution for nearly any wheelchair. By attaching the RAM® Tough-Claw™ to one of the leg rails on your wheelchair, you can take advantage of easily adjustable RAM® double socket arms and popular tablet holders like the universal RAM® X-Grip®.

Adaptive Strider Program

Aimed at making biking more accessible for children at any age and with any height and limb differences, Strider created the Adaptive Strider Program in partnership with RAM® Mounts. Their mission to build bikes for all children comes to life with these bikes custom-built for each child.
RAM® Mounts and Strider Bikes Partner for Strider Adaptive Program