RAM® Mounts for Insta360 Action Cameras

An Insta360 secured to a red Toyota via RAM® Mounts

Content creators and adventurers can now unleash their creativity with RAM® Mounts for the Insta360 action cameras. For over 20 years, RAM® Mounts has created the most rugged, durable mounting solutions on the market and RAM® is delighted to make our ecosystem of mounting solutions available for the Insta360. Let's dive into these mounts and how they can elevate your content creation experience. 

The RAM® Tough-Ball Adapter for the Insta360 features our durable rubber ball connected to a standard 1/4"-20 threaded post, the industry standard for camera accessories. The high-strength construction provides peace of mind for your equipment in even the most extreme environments. It also includes a rubber washer to lock the RAM® Tough-Ball in place with the added benefit of scuff protection for the bottom of the camera.

The RAM® Tough-Ball is a B size component and allows individuals to mix and match other B size arms and bases to create their perfect mount. With over 4,000 components in our catalog, the only thing holding you back from a unique mount for your Insta360 is your imagination!

Explore mounting kits made by RAM® experts and learn more about the benefits of RAM® Mounts for Insta360 action cameras.

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A Innsta360 camera sits on a motorcycle

Features & Benefits

The new collection of RAM® Mounts for Insta360 action cameras reap the benefits of the RAM® ball and socket system:

Vibration Damping

The RAM® Mounts Ball and Socket system features vibration damping benefits for capturing smooth and stable footage. The design incorporates two rubberized balls that absorb and mitigate vibrations from adventurous activities, such as engines, road surfaces, and other high-speed, high-adrenaline activities. 

Additionally, the vibration damping can extend the lifespan of your equipment by minimizing the impact of constant motion and shocks, making RAM® Mounts an essential component for high-performance, durable mounting solutions.

A close up of the RAM® Tough-Ball™ Adapter for Insta360

Near-Infinite Adjustability

One of the standout features of the RAM® Mounts ball-and-socket system is the ability to adjust to almost any angle. The ball-and-socket system allows for near-infinite adjustability, ensuring your shot is always perfectly framed. This feature is particularly beneficial for action shots where angles can make all the difference.

A close up of the RAM® Tough-Ball™ Adapter for Insta360


Users can now mount their Insta360 action camera to any surface with a wide range of RAM® bases that allow creators to capture unique perspectives, hands-free. From bases for flat surfaces like suction cups, adhesive, and magnetic bases, to more unique placements like rails and tracks, users can even drill down a RAM® diamond base.

Easily swap your camera from mount to another with the ball and socket system, simply loosen the arm attaching the camera to the base and you're off to the races! 

A Man turning on his Insta360 attached to his vehicle with RAM® Mounts

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