From Portrait to Landscape with This Easy, Add-On Accessory

RAM® Roto-View™ paired with RAM® tablet iPad holder

With over 4,000 products in our catalog, there's bound to be a hidden gem or two. Check out the RAM® Diamond Base Swivel Adapter and the RAM® Roto-View, our team's favorite accessories that take your devices from portrait to landscape.

The RAM® Roto-View™ for Tablets

Shown: RAM-VB-202-SW2, RAM-HOL-TAB17U, RAM-HOL-ROTO1U,​​ RAM® No-Drill™ Vehicle Base in a Ford '22 Bronco

With the RAM® Roto-View™ Adapter attached to the back of your tablet holder, you can easily rotate your tablet 360 degrees without loosening the knob on your double socket arm. The RAM® Roto-View™ sandwiches in between your tablet holder and ball base. Shown in the above photo, the RAM® Tab-Tite™ has a C size round plate paired with a RAM® No-Drill™ vehicle base.

There's no doubt this accessory is handy in any solution, but it's especially useful for tablets mounted on headrests for backseat entertainment and mobile offices. 

Keeping kids in the backseat distracted enough to not ask, "are we there yet?" on drives has never been easier. The RAM® Torque™ Small Rail Base perfectly fits headrest posts -- simply choose your double socket arm and compatible tablet holder and assemble!

You can also now select "Headrest" as a location on the Mount Builder and build the perfect solution for your specific device.

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The RAM® Double Diamond Base Swivel Adapter

When you pair the RAM® Double Diamond Base Swivel Adapter with your RAM® Quick-Grip™, you've got one-handed insertion and one-handed rotation, so it's a no brainer for when you're switching over to a landscape-oriented app. 

Shown to the right is the RAM® Quick-Grip™ XL with the Un-Holey Tacoma Dash Mount from Hondo Garage.

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