Mount of the Month: Wheelchair Mounts for Seat and Armrest Tracks

Mount of the Month: Wheelchair Mounts for Seat and Armrest Tracks

As RAM® Mounts continues its commitment to accessibility mounting solutions, a range of just-released wheelchair seat and armrest track kits is an obvious choice for our latest mount of the month feature.

Several of these wheelchair mounting kits take advantage of the new B size universal wheelchair ball base (pictured right). Like its C size counterpart, this diamond-shaped ball base attaches to nearly any wheelchair track system. While kits are available with both phone and tablet holders, you can also choose a mounting kit without a holder – allowing you to customize your setup further and choose a compatible holder for your specific device.

Wheelchair Mounts Without Phone or Tablet Holder

  • • RAM-B-238-WCT – Universal Wheelchair Ball Base
  • RAM-B-200-9-201 – Pipe and Socket 16″ Extension Arm for Wheelchairs
  • • RAM-200-9-BC-201 – Pipe and Socket 19″ Extension Arm for Wheelchairs
  • • RAP-400-18-B-201 – RAM® Tough-Claw® with RAM® Flex-Rod® 26″ Extension Arm for Wheelchairs

Wheelchair Mounts with Phone Holder

Wheelchair Mounts with Tablet Holder

  • RAP-400-18-B-UN8 – RAM® X-Grip® 7″-8″ Tablet Mount for Wheelchair Seat and Leg Rails
  • RAM-238-WCT-9-UN9 – RAM® X-Grip® 9″-10″ Tablet Mount for Wheelchair Seat Tracks

To learn more more about these new wheelchair seat and armrest mounts, see the product Q&A below.

Did you know you can narrow down your search for the perfect wheelchair mount using the Mount Builder? Simply choose your device, select “Wheelchair,” and then pick your preferred mounting location. From there, the builder will serve up the compatible mounting kit. 

Mount of the Month Q&A: Wheelchair Seat and Armrest Track Kits

What are these mounts for?

These new wheelchair mounting kits are compatible with most major wheelchair brands, including Invacare, Permobil, and Quickie. Kits that include a RAM® X-Grip® phone or tablet holder are compatible with a wide range of devices (find compatibility directly on the product pages).

What do these mounts do?

These mounts are designed to support devices such as phones and tablets via wheelchair track systems.

How do these mounts work?

Using the universal wheelchair ball base, each kit attaches to the track system located adjacent to the seat or under the wheelchair’s armrest. Utilizing the RAM® ball and socket system, easily adjust the extension arm, double socket arm, and compatible holder to the ideal position.

What else should I know?

Each mounting base and extension is modular, allowing you to build your ideal wheelchair mounting solution with a wide variety of compatible RAM® Mounts components.

When are they available?

All of the above wheelchair mounting kits are now available for purchase.

Check out our accessibility page for more information on wheelchair and bedside mounts, as well as mounting support for the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

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