Mount of the Month: RAM® Tough-Wedge™

An iPhone and Midland Radio are mounted with the RAM® Tough-Wedge™ in the front seat of a vehicle.

There's no need to sacrifice your cupholders to your phone—the RAM® Tough-Wedge™ is an easy-to-install solution that fits between your seats and center console. This innovative base creates a non-permanent mounting point for those who enjoy a sleek, low-profile look. Pair the RAM® Tough-Wedge™ with the popular RAM® X-Grip™ phone cradle and position your device exactly where you want it for a convenient and optimal viewing angle.

If you're worried that your vehicle has a little too much space between your seat and center console for the RAM® Tough-Wedge™, we have a solve for that! The expansion pouch is a great accessory designed to increase the width of your mount more securely into the gap. This pouch fits into the foam bag of the RAM® Tough-Wedge™ and is inflated to conform to the seat gap, creating rock solid stability for your device.

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