RAM® Tough-Pole™ 36" Action Camera System with Spline Post
Part#:RAP-B-202-GOP1-A-420-424-18U UPC:793442955136 Patented & Pats. Pend.
Capture the best footage while out on the water with the RAM Tough-Pole™ action camera mount. Compatible with any RAM spline post base, this kit consists of a bottom post and two 18" PVC Pipes connected by a ratchet adapter. The top of the pipe adapts to a double ball mount that will connect to any action camera, replacing the factory GoPro hinge adapter. With the unique double ball and socket design at the top, you can configure your camera to face any direction or angle with the simple turn of a knob. Just drop the Tough-Pole in any RAM spline post base and you're good to go.

hardware included

Assembly Hardware

product dimensions

Overall Height: 36"

socket to socket length

Short Arm: 1.75"

ball size

B Size (1")

weight capacity

.5 lb


High strength composite

packaging type

Poly Bag


1.7 lb