• Form-fit powered dock designed specifically for the Getac ZX10 rugged tablet
  • Dock features compatibility with RAM® Vent-Temp™, Temp-Right™, RAM® NFC Extender, and D size RAM® VESA pattern base
  • Provides charging connectivity through integrated pogo pin technology and 5.5mm DC connector
  • Includes 2-hole side bracket for mounting additional devices such as a phone; compatible with RAM® 2-hole diamond bases and accessory side bracket
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty
RAM® Form-Fit Powered Dock for Getac ZX10
Part#:RAM-HOL-GE4PU UPC:793442016646 Patent Pending
The RAM® Form-Fit Powered Dock for Getac ZX10 (RAM-HOL-GE4PU) allows you to secure the device and keep it charged through the pogo pin contacts while docked—power is provided by connecting to the dock's 5.5mm DC power jack. Upgrade this with any combination of compatible accessories including the RAM® Temp-Right™, Vent-Temp™, RAM® NFC Extender, and D size VESA base. Additional compatibility for Getac accessories include the Standard & High capacity batteries as well as the Hard Carry Handle. Take the solution a step further by taking advantage of the included 2-hole side bracket, compatible with RAM® 2-hole diamond bases for additional device mounting such as a phone or other handheld device.

hardware included

(1) Side bracket for accessory mounting and strain relief
(4) #8-32 x 5/8” Machine Screws
(2) #8-32 x 1/2” Machine Screws
(6) #8-32 Nylock Nuts
(4) #10-32 x 5/8” Machine Screws
(4) #10-24 Nylock Nuts
(8) Small Cable Ties

hole pattern

75 x 75mm VESA
4-Hole AMPS: 1.181" x 1.496"


High strength composite

packaging type

Poly Bag

output voltage


input connector

5.5mm DC Connector

input cable length

1 Meter




2.07 lb

Additional Information

This dock will not support the Getac hand strap accessory.