RAM® Vibe-Safe™

Discover the new vibration damping accessory from RAM® Mounts, designed to protect electronic devices from a wide range of vibration frequencies. Built with versatility in mind, the RAM® Vibe-Safe™ is the perfect addition to mounting solutions that span a variety of industries.

Vibration Damper

The RAM® Vibe-Safe™ was meticulously crafted with a focus on safeguarding electronic devices. This innovative accessory features damping technology that effectively absorbs and dissipates vibrations across a wide range of frequencies. The RAM® Vibe-Safe™ reflects a commitment to meeting the diverse needs of our community who rely on their electronic devices while enjoying the freedoms of the open road.

Intentionally Designed

A collection of low-profile mounting solutions that feature the RAM® Vibe-Safe™ were designed to offer a small footprint solution for vehicles whose handlebar space is a premium. The RAM® Vibe-Safe™ is made with high-strength composite and stainless steel components that are backed by a lifetime warranty and built to withstand the most rugged environments.


A reduction in vibration does not guarantee full protection of device. External immeasurable factors may cause damage to phones, cameras, and other devices while mounted in the RAM® Vibe-Safe™. National Products, Inc does not assume responsibility or liability for any such personal injury, death or property damage. RAM® mounts lifetime warranty is limited to RAM® mounts and components. The warranty does not include any device mounted or attached to a RAM® mount, such as a phone, GPS, camera, computer or other device.