RAM® Mounts and Strider Bikes Partner for Strider Adaptive Program

RAM® Mounts and Strider Bikes Partner for Strider Adaptive Program

In August 2022, Strider, the popular children's bike brand announced their new Strider Adaptive Program in partnership with RAM® Mounts. Aimed at making biking more accessible for children at any age with height and limb differences, their mission to build bikes for all children rings true. 

For parents who are interested in the Strider Adaptive Program, there's a simple application that asks for the child's measurements and from there, the Strider team works with RAM® Mounts to build a custom bicycle that can be purchased at no additional cost for these modifications.

Bridger and his Strider bike​​

“One of our main goals at Strider is to make the learn-to-ride process easy for anyone of any ability. We do not want physical limitations to prevent a child from experiencing the thrill of riding.”

Strider Founder & CEO Ryan McFarland

Hazel and her​​ Strider bike

RAM® Mounts is known for providing solutions that enable mounting nearly any device, anywhere, including adaptive solutions for wheelchairs and other accessibility solutions including the Xbox Adaptive Controller. With the rugged modularity of RAM® components, each Strider Adaptive bike is customized for the child's needs. By enabling all children to learn how to ride a bike from a young age, regardless of physical differences, the natural progression of balance and confidence is built, inspiring both the children and their families. 

RAM® is proud to partner with Strider's Adaptive Program.

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