Universal Mounts & Confirmed Fitment for the iPhone 15

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February 19th, 2024 - This blog has been updated to include compatibility information regarding GDS® Tech for the iPhone 15.

The highly anticipated iPhone 15 announcement has been made and suffice to say, we're excited for this next series. The experts at RAM® Mounts have confirmed fitment for all four models and we're delighted to share which universal options will work best with the next series of iPhones. RAM® Mounts is dedicated to the  adventurers and professionals alike, so make sure to read until the end as we'll provide a sneak peek at some of the exciting new products coming soon for the iPhone 15.

Which RAM® X-Grip® is Right for You?

The RAM® X-Grip® is a beloved holder style we're best known for. As one of the original rugged iPhone mounts, we make two sizes as smartphones have grown over the years—the UN7 for smaller phones and the UN10 for larger phones. So which size is right for your new iPhone? Lets dive into what our in-house experts look for when determining fitment and what they recommend.

Our experts start with what they're given when new phones are released, and that is the dimensions. The new iPhone 15 series features the following dimensions, broken down by model:

Phone Model


(Height x Width x Depth)


RAM® X-Grip®

15 5.81" x 2.82" x 0.31" UN10
15 Pro 5.77" x 2.78" x 0.32" UN7
15 Pro Max 6.29" x 3.02" x 0.32" UN10
15 Plus 6.33" x 3.06" x 0.31" UN10

When it comes to selecting the correct size holder for your phone, we recommend the larger RAM® X-Grip® for phones with a height of or greater than 5.8". Readers might notice that this rule of thumb draws a line between the iPhone 15 Pro and the remaining models in the series. It also raises the question—does .3 of an inch really make that much of a difference?

Keeping Buttons Accessible

While overall measurements provide an excellent set of guidelines, what matters most to our experts is getting our hands on the device and seeing how it sits in our holders. One key factor that we closely examine is where the rubber caps naturally sit when the phone is inserted into the holder and the system engaged.

The image to the left showcases the side view of the iPhone 15 Pro in a UN10, the large RAM® X-Grip®. Take note of how the caps do not interfere with the power button. That is a telltale sign of good fitment. There is also a sufficient gap between the corners of the device and rubbers caps to allow customers who mount their iPhones in open-cockpit environments, like motorcycles, to properly secure their device with the optional tether. 

Intended Usage & Preferences

Below, readers will see the iPhone 15 Pro in a UN7 (left) and UN10 (right). The key-takeaway from this visual is the minuscule space left between the caps and the corners of the device when placed in the UN10, which would prevent the optional tether from properly engaging. 

However, RAM® Mounts are used for a wide variety of activities! If the optional tether is not needed, then the UN10 fits the iPhone 15 Pro and is a viable option when selecting the right holder for you. Whether it's because you like how it looks or simply because you want a future-proofed holder that will accommodate the slowly growing size of smartphones, you don't need to count it out just because it's not the recommended size.

To reiterate the point that holders depend on aesthetic preferences and intended use, take a look at the iPhone 15 Plus in a UN7 to the right. While the small RAM® X-grip® is not the recommended holder for this model, it does fit the phone. For open cockpit environments, the UN7 wouldn't be recommended. However, in a car or at home, this holder wouldn't be an issue. 

RAM® Quick-Grip

The RAM® Quick-Grip  is our second universal holder. This time, compatibility guidelines are kept simple as all models of the iPhone 15 are recommended for the large RAM® Quick-Grip™ (PD4). 

The standout feature of RAM® Quick-Grip  is it's single-handed device insert and removal, made for folks who live for efficiency. Pair that with the adjustable arms and it becomes an excellent option for the most extreme environments. 

Another wonderful perk we touched on above,  is that not only is it compatible with the entire iPhone 15 series but also with a wide range of other smartphones, future-proofing your investment since isn't tied to a single device or a single brand. Whether you switch to a different phone or share your mount with family and friends, the RAM® Quick-Grip can roll with the punches. 

Best Selling RAM® Quick-Grip Kits

MagSafe Solutions

Want to skip the fuss of compatibility and enjoy all the perks of the Apple ecosystem? We've got the ideal solution for you—the Apple Magsafe Adapter.

Take your favorite magnetic charging accessory and integrate it into any RAM® mounting system you dream up! Simply press the magsafe into the adapter puck and voila, your magsafe now has a B Size ball on the back of it. This wireless charger features the easiest grab & go solution, making your daily tasks even more convenient. 

*The Apple Magsafe Adapter is NOT recommended for open cock-pit environments.

An iPhone 15 is placed on a magsafe charger, secure to a vehicle with the RAM adapter

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Form-Fit Holders

For those who like to live life on the wild side and carry their phone caseless, RAM® has a form-fit holder built specifically for the iPhone 15 series. To achieve the secure, snug fit that our form-fit holders are known for, the phone cannot have a case installed.

Easily pop your phone in and out of this holder with one hand, simply press the lever at the top and go!

Shop Form-Fit Holders for the iPhone 15

GDS® Tech for iPhone 15

When Apple made the decision to depart from the Lightning connector and standardize with USB-C, they unlocked a wide range of possibility both in their own ecosystem and ours. Apple iPhone users can now dive into the GDS® Ecosystem™ with the Intelliskin® for the iPhone 15. 

Take your Apple device to the next level with GDS® Tech and IntelliSkin® , the premiere enterprise mounting ecosystem that will keep your iPhone protected, connected, and charged throughout the workday. 

Featuring faster charging, increased reliability, and ergonomic accessories that provide a boost in workflow efficiency. Discover all the benefits of switching to GDS® Techfor Apple.

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