Are Windshield Mounts Legal in Your State?

Are Windshield Mounts Legal in Your State?

Whether you’re out on a drive for a grocery store run or a cross-country trip, you’ll notice many drivers have a phone or GPS unit mounted to their windshield. But did you know that windshield mounts are illegal in most states? Distracted driving is a major cause of motor accidents and fatalities, so it’s not surprising that more states are passing hand-held and windshield mount bans. 

Is it illegal to mount phones on windshields?

States that allow windshield mounts: 

Alaska Missouri
Colorado New Hampshire
Florida New York
Illinois North Carolina
Maine Tennessee
Massachusetts Vermont

States that allow windshield mounts with conditions: 

For these eight states, mounts are either exempt from regulations or not specifically listed in these regulations. While it’s important to research your specific state’s laws*, as a general rule, mounts should be located on the bottom of a car’s windshield on the driver or passenger side. 

Arizona Maryland
California Minnesota
Hawaii Nevada
Indiana Utah

States that don't allow windshield mounts: 

Louisiana Rhode Island
Arkansas Montana South Carolina
Connecticut Nebraska South Dakota
Delaware New Jersey Texas
District of Columbia New Mexico Virginia
Georgia North Dakota Washington
Idaho Ohio
West Virginia
Iowa Oklahoma
Kansas Oregon
Kentucky  Pennsylvania

Where is the best place to mount your phone?

Driver and passenger safety is top priority on the road, so finding a good mounting location that doesn’t block your view simply comes down to personal preference – and RAM® has you covered with a variety of options. 

Mounting your device to your vehicle’s dashboard is a great way to keep your device in your line of vision without the distraction on your windshield. Our Flex Adhesive Base and Portable Friction Dashboard Base make great solutions for those who want to avoid windshield and drill-down mounts. 

Pairing the RAM® Tough-Mag  with an adhesive plate turns this industrial-strength magnetic base into a mounting setup in unique spaces in your vehicle, eliminating the need to drill into a vehicle’s dash or other flat surfaces. Pair these two products with any B size arm and device holder. 

The RAM® Stubby cup holder base is a favorite for low-profile mounting solutions. This base is weighted and has flexible support fins surrounding it, so that when you insert and twist the Stubby into your cupholder, you create a secure hold for your device. 

*Always check with your local and state laws to ensure the legality of your windshield mount.


Do not install mounts near or over an airbag deployment area or in a location that obstructs the driver’s vision or interferes with vehicle operation. National Products, Inc does not assume responsibility or liability for any such personal injury, death or property damage. 

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