The Ultimate Overland Motorcycle Build Featuring RAM® Mounts

The Overland Expo Ultimate Motorcycle Build

The Annual Ultimate Overland Motorcycle Build is an inspiring exploration by Overland Expo of the latest and greatest innovations in the power sports industry for Overland enthusiasts. This year, Overland Expo centered its build around the ultra-classic Ural, selecting ten tried and true companies to outfit the motorcycle with the help of Ural experts, Kalabar Creations.

Learn more about the build and the two unique RAM® offerings showcased on the 2024 Overland Motorcycle build—the RAM® Tough-Mirror and the RAM® Vibe-Safe.

"RAM® Mounts rugged reliability perfectly suits the Ural and adventure bikes, enabling riders to go farther and only worry about which fork in the road to take next"

Nicholas Lowe-Hale, RAM® Mounts Account Manager - Automotive Aftermarket

RAM® Tough-Mirror for the Ultimate Overland Motorcycle Build

Built for adventure, the RAM® Tough-Mirror is the perfect addition to any motorcycle hitting the roads less traveled. The rugged accessory mirrors provide the most visibility on the market with a sleek design to seamlessly integrate into any overland motorcycle's aesthetic.

When you're putting hundreds or thousands of miles on your overland motorcycle, equipment failure can be an extreme safety hazard. These mirrors are made with 100% genuine RAM® components, ensuring a secure connection point and long-term system quality that you can depend on. As the leader in premier mounting solutions, we take our reputation seriously—if we build it, we guarantee it.

Learn more about the RAM® Lifetime Guarantee

RAM® Tough-Mirror™ in the forest
Image by Brooks Roe (

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RAM®Vibe-Safe for the Ultimate Overland Motorcycle Build

The RAM® Quick-Grip XL Phone Mount with Vibe-Safe & U-Bolt Base is a reliable and trusted device holder, ideal for Overland Motorcycles. When you're deep in the backcountry, devices are vital in keeping us safe as well as our journeys documented to share with loved ones.  

The RAM ® Vibe-Safe was meticulously crafted with a focus on safeguarding electronic devices from a wide range of vibration frequencies. This vibration damping accessory is a reflection of our commitment to the overlanding community, understanding that electronic devices are often paramount to safety on and off the grid.

A close up of the RAM® Tough-Ball™ Adapter for Insta360
Image by Brooks Roe (


A reduction in vibration does not guarantee full protection of device. External immeasurable factors may cause damage to phones, cameras, and other devices while mounted in the RAM ® Vibe-Safe . National Products, Inc does not assume responsibility or liability for any such personal injury, death or property damage. RAM ® mounts lifetime warranty is limited to RAM ® mounts and components. The warranty does not include any device mounted or attached to a RAM ® mount, such as a phone, GPS, camera, computer or other device.

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Explore the Ural Overland Motorcycle

It takes a village to build an Ultimate Overland Motorcycle. We're delighted to accompany Kalaber Creations, ZOLEO, DENALI Electronics, Forrest Tool CompanyICECO, Mosko Moto, Scorpion EXO, Uncharted Supply Co, and CIVIVI.

Ural Motorcycle with partner stickers from Kalaber Creations, ZOLEO, DENALI Electronics, Forrest Tool Company, ICECO, Mosko Moto, Scorpion EXO, Uncharted Supply Co, and CIVIVI
Photo by Brooks Roe (

Kalaber Creations


Kalaber Creations sells new and used Ural motorcycles, in addition to providing services and repairs for 750 CC Urals, along with custom modifications. They manufacture the most rugged and reliable racks for off-road use.

The Ural Overland Motorcycle is equipped with three unique solutions from them—the aluminum Cargo Basket capable of carrying over 50 pounds of gear, the Gen 3 Winch Mount to pull your bike from the back in situations where the nose of it is stuck, and the Nose Rack for additional bag and gear mounting.

Learn more about Kalaber Creations on the Ultimate Overland Motorcycle.

Ural Overland Motorcycle by Kalaber Creations
Photo by Brooks Roe (



ZOLEO connects with one’s smartphone or tablet to provide messaging that follows them in and out of cell coverage, plus safety features they can count on worldwide. When outside cell coverage, ZOLEO uses the Iridium satellite network — the only network to cover 100% of Earth, including all landmasses, oceans and Polar Regions — to send or receive messages. When within cell coverage, ZOLEO delivers messages over cellular and Wi-Fi. What’s more, the user’s contacts can proactively reach out by sending a message to the user’s ZOLEO dedicated SMS number and email address.

Learn more about the ZOLEO Global Satellite Communicator on the Ultimate Overland Motorcycle.

ZOLEO Satellite Communications Device on the 2024 Ultimate Overland Mototcycle
Photo by Brooks Roe (



DENALI Electronics latest innovation is the D7 PRO: a high-performing, feature-rich, 4-inch driving light that produces 23,000 lumens.

The D7 PRO combines the power of a flood beam, spot beam, and hybrid beam, along with a dynamic multi-color Daytime Running Light (DRL) mode. With two fully dimmable circuits and the ability to adjust beam shape and color instantaneously, the D7 PRO was designed with versatility in mind.

Learn more about the DENALI D7 PRO Lights on the Ultimate Overland Motorcycle.

DENALI Electronics D7 Pro Light on the 2024 Ultimate Overland Mototcycle
Photo by Brooks Roe (

The Forrest Tool Company


Forrest Tool Company’s goal has always been to provide customers with the best recovery tool that could withstand the toughest conditions. The MAX® tool kit is based on a 34-in axe with a notch at the top, enabling the quick and easy attachment of other tool heads. This makes it possible to have eight heavy-duty tools (axe, sledge, shovel, broad pick, narrow pick, mattock, rake and hoe) in one compact, easy-to-carry case, making it the perfect recovery tool.

The MAX meets or exceeds ANSI Industry Standards and Government Workmanship Standards for strength and reliability.

Learn more about the Forrest Tool Company on the Ultimate Overland Motorcycle.

The Forrest Tool Company MAX tool on the 2024 Ultimate Overland Mototcycle
Photo by Brooks Roe (



ICECO’s portable fridge/freezer features a state-of-the-art SECOP Nano Compressor that offers a wide cooling range from -4°F to 68°F (-20℃ to 20℃). The compressor operates in two modes: MAX mode for rapid cooling needs and ECO mode for energy conservation. Despite its robust performance, the APL20 is astoundingly lightweight at just 22.8 lbs, thanks to the compressor’s compact design.

Learn more about the ICECO Portable Fridge/Freezer on the Ultimate Overland Motorcycle

ICECO 21QT APL20 Fridge/Freezer on the 2024 Ultimate Overland Mototcycle
Photo by Brooks Roe (

Mosko Moto


Mosko Moto luggage is built for far-flung adventures, designed with first-hand experience riding dual sport bikes through the most remote corners of the globe.

The Reckless 80L V4.0 is a large capacity rackless luggage system that is 100% waterproof, expands and contracts for various load volumes and riding conditions, and features adjustable leg angles to fit all manner of motorcycles, including the Ural. The stiffness of the CURV® material significantly reduces movement of the bag, adding more stability for technical off-road riding.

Learn more about Mosko Moto Luggage on the Ultimate Overland Motorcycle

Mosko Moto luggage system on the 2024 Ultimate Overland Mototcycle
Photo by Brooks Roe (

Scorpion EXO


The ScorpionEXO XT9000 Carbon is one of the lightest ADV helmets in the industry, engineered to meet the demands of the serious Adventure Rider. Made of a handcrafted carbon fiber shell, the balanced geometry, and aerodynamic peak visor combine to reduce weight, lift, and drag.

The advanced injection molding technology allows for a near zero-tolerance fitment accuracy between all components providing superior structural strength and unsurpassed fit between the shell and its components.

Learn more about the Scorpion XT9000 Helmet on the Ultimate Overland Motorcycle

Scorpion XT9000 Carbon Helmet  on the 2024 Ultimate Overland Mototcycle
Photo by Brooks Roe (

Uncharted Supply Co


Uncharted Supply Co's products provide adventurer's with peace of mind in the face of unanticipated events in remote areas where rescue isn't readily available. 

The Zeus Pro portable jump starter will get you back on the road when nobody is on the other end of the jumper cables.

The First Aid Plus combines all the survival and first aid necessities and sports 600D tarpaulin, welded and 100% waterproof material, with a tear away MOLLE backer.

Learn more about Uncharted Supply Co on the Ultimate Overland Motorcycle

Uncharted Supply Co First Aid Plus Kit on the 2024 Ultimate Overland Mototcycle
Photo by Brooks Roe (


CIVIVI makes functional and utilitarian knives geared towards EDC (everyday carry) at affordable prices.

The CIVIVI Sendy pocketknife is an essential tool for adventurers. With an ultra-sharp blade crafted from premium German Nitro-V steel, this 3-in-1 multitool knife comes with tweezers and a toothpick. The blade offers extreme toughness and excellent corrosion resistance. The secure, comfortable grip of the micarta handle offers optimal control in any situation.

Learn more about CIVIVI Knives on the Ultimate Overland Motorcycle

CIVIVI Sendy pocketknife on the 2024 Ultimate Overland Mototcycle
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Curious how the Overland Expo staff approached the Ultimate Overland Motorcycle build? Read their comprehensive blog - How We Developed Ural's Gear Up as our Vision of the Ultimate Overland Motorcycle.

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