How RAM® Mounts supports Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3’s ‘No Battery Mode’ feature

How RAM® Mounts supports Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3’s ‘No Battery Mode’ feature

On January 19th, 2021 Samsung announced the U.S. availability of the new 8″ rugged tablet, the Galaxy Tab Active3. One of the standout features of the new sleek, lightweight tablet is the optional ‘No Battery Mode’—a feature that directs power to the tablet while bypassing the battery completely. With a replaceable long-lasting 5050mAh battery and ‘No Battery Mode’ to pair with it, you can essentially extend the life of the tablet much longer by avoiding swollen battery issues. The Galaxy Tab Active3’s No Battery Mode is ideal for all day, in-vehicle use, such as forklifts and trucks, as it can be tethered to the vehicle’s battery ensuring a constant connection without interruption, or overheating issues due to warmer climates. 

Tab Active3 Mounts for No Battery Mode

The RAM® Tough-Case with USB Type-C for Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3 is the new solution built to support a tethered connection from your vehicle’s power source to the device. This allows you to build a mounting solution around the Tab Active3’s new ‘No Battery Mode’ feature. By slipping the Tab Active3 into the RAM® Tough-Case two-piece enclosure, the USB Type-C port is now fixed to the bottom piece with the USB Type-C extension cord. This allows you to undock the tablet and use freely around the cabin, or pass to a weight station officer outside of the vehicle while the Tab Active3 remains connected to power. The main benefit of this system is that the tablet is secured in the enclosure and won’t break the connection while in No Battery Mode, eliminating unwanted shutoffs. As long as the connection is tethered to a hardwire charger you can safely run No Battery Mode without the battery installed. 

What else do I need to mount this solution in my vehicle?

In addition to the RAM® Tough-Case with USB Type-C, the form-fitting holder allows for any easy way to simply drop in and dock the Tab Active3 in the RAM® Tough-Case while retaining access to all the other exterior buttons on the device. The RAM® Tough-Case Holder also contains mounting hole patterns on the back to attach any B or C size RAM® components depending on your mounting location and choice of vehicle. Of course, at RAM® Mounts, we offer a turnkey solution with our RAM® Tough-Case Power Delivery Bundle, featuring all the products covered in this post, plus a C size short socket arm, backing plate for vehicle faceplates and a hardwire charger capable of powering the Tab Active3 in No Battery Mode. 

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