Get a Grip with the New RAM® Level Cup™ XL

Get a Grip with the New RAM® Level Cup™ XL

RAM® Mounts is giving you a new way to keep hydrated on your next adventure. As bigger water bottles and insulated cups become crucial items on packing lists, we’ve engineered the perfect solution to keep them upright and within reach.

Designed for bigger insulated cups, plastic water bottles or even your reliable vacuum insulated bottle, the RAM® Level Cup XL keeps your drink upright, regardless of the conditions. The RAM® Level Cup XL can hold your biggest gulps with an oversized opening cradle and an adjustable bottom piece that can move up and down for taller cups. Rubber feet flex for a snug fit, keeping your beverages steady.

The RAM® Level Cup XL is available to purchase now in a variety of designs.

Choose Your Own Adventure

RAM® Mounts built kits for the RAM® Level Cup XL that can stand up to your adventures on the street, on the water and in the dirt. Each kit has a variety of bases or adapters that will connect to round rails or flat bars. The RAM® Level Cup XL also includes an insulated koozie for when you’re using a smaller cup or bottle.

We’ve tested these designs on our shake and vibration testing machine to ensure that they’ll hold heavier drinks while you’re running to the next fishing hole or across a backwoods trail to your remote camping spot.

Durable and Flexible

The features of the RAM® Level Cup XL make it a great companion for your next adventure. The high-strength plastic is flexible yet rugged, built to withstand any abuse thrown its way. The components are stainless steel and use our marine-grade aluminum with nitrile ball to ensure the cup stays put where you need it.

Other features include:

  • • Fits cups up to 3.5” wide and 11” tall
  • • Adjustable bottom can adapt to fit any cup or bottle
  • • Durable and fluid self-leveling action keeps your drink upright
  • • Flexible grips adapt to the bottom of the cup to keep it secure

We have built the RAM® Level Cup XL to join you on any adventure you want to tackle – order the RAM® Level Cup XL now.

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