RAM® Tough-Box™ Console Leg Kit for '10-12 Chevrolet Tahoe + More
Part#:RAM-VC-LEG-110 UPC:793442934872
The RAM-VC-LEG-110 console legs are designed to attach to the inner seat bolts in vehicles, located under the driver and passenger seats, without any drilling necessary. These leg kits are compatible with RAM 23" and 29" console top plates. Included is hardware to allow attachment of the legs to the vehicle's inner seat bolts.

hardware included

(4) 5/16"-18 x 7/8" Hex Bolts
(4) 5/16"-18 Hex Nuts
(4) 5/16" Split Lock Washer
(8) 5/16" Flat Washers


Powder coated steel

packaging type



10.7 lb