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IntelliSkin® for Samsung Galaxy S8+
Part#:RAM-GDS-SKIN-SAM30 UPC:793442955938 Patented


IntelliSkin® is a protective sleeve featuring GDS Technology™ for the Samsung Galaxy S8+ featuring military grade drop protection for accidental drops and scratches. The IntelliSkin’s integrated GDS® connector is molded directly into the skin, preventing damage to your device’s USB Type-C charging port from repetitious docking. Eighteen molded ruggedized docking contacts on the exterior of the skin are also designed for repetitive docking in field applications. The IntelliSkin is compatible with a variety of USB Type-C GDS Docks with a USB Type-C charger, allowing for charging and data syncing.


Polycarbonate and Thermoplastic Elastomers

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Retail Box


3 year warranty


0.15 lb