• Drill-down base allows the GDS® Slide Dock™ to be easily secured
  • Adjustable height accommodates a variety of different devices
  • Compatible with Next Generation IntelliSkin®-enabled devices
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty
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GDS® Slide Dock™ with Power Delivery & Drill Down Base
Part#:RAM-GDS-DOCK-G7-8-NGU UPC:793442120190 Patented


The GDS® Slide Dock™ is a scalable solution for charging multiple devices at the same time. This version is compatible with Next Generation IntelliSkin® sleeves. Designed to be integrated into a cabinet or portable charging station, each GDS® Slide Dock™ can be permanently mounted to any surface by being bolted or screwed in. The GDS® connector’s height can be easily adjusted to accommodate different devices. The adjustable height settings are numbered to quickly set up for any cart or charging station. This GDS® Slide Dock™ has a USB Type-C male output that supports Power Delivery and can plug into an existing USB port on a cart or into a multi-port USB charger. There is an LED indicator light that turns red when your dock is connected to power.

output voltage

20V @ 3A


3 year warranty


0.81 lb

Additional Information

This dock will not support IntelliSkin models with a lightning connector or mUSB connector.