RAM® Tough-Box™ 2" Faceplate with Five Switch Ports
Part#:RAM-FP2-S5-0830-1450 UPC:793442926259 Patented
Custom 2" (5-slot) Switch Faceplate for RAM Tough-Box™ Consoles. The innovative tongue and groove feature keeps the inside of the console free of contaminants as well as provides a rock solid system once installed into the RAM Tough-Box™ Console.

hardware included

(4) #10-24 x 3/8" Self Tapping Screws
(2) #6-32 x 1" Machine Screws
(2) #6-32 Nylock Nuts
(2) Composite Twist Lock Lugs

product dimensions

Overall Length: 2" (space taken in Console Box)


Marine-grade aluminum

packaging type

Poly Bag


0.17 lb