CT40/45/47 Handheld Computer Docks

To conquer everyday tasks in the warehouse or in the field, RAM® Mounts rugged mounting solutions enable Honeywell’s versatile handheld computers to maximize efficiency. Explore the new RAM® Docks for the Honeywell CT 40/45/47 handheld computer with many different options to keep your device connected to power, add peripherals to your solution, lock your device, or maintain a reliable connection in extreme weather with heated pins.

Convenient Charging & Connection

The RAM® docks for the Honeywell CT40/45/47 provide your fleet of handheld devices with a dependable landing zone with features that enable charging and supports peripheral devices. The built-in pogo pin technology allows for an efficient workflow without fumbling with cords—simply dock the device to charge and use the connected peripheral accessories.

Form-Fit Dock

The RAM® dock is designed with a secure fit, customized to the dimensions of the Honeywell CT 40/45/47 Handheld Computer. Regardless of whether you're deployed the device with or without the rugged OEM boot, the RAM® dock includes shims that are easy to snap in and out that ensure a snug fit for bootless devices.


For added security and theft deterrence, the RAM® docks for the Honeywell CT40/45/47 are available with a key-lock. Protect your investment and your peace of mind by keeping your handheld computer locked in it's dock.

Heated Pogo Pins

Heating elements built-in to the vehicle docks provide the necessary heat required to prevent pogo pins from locking up, allowing your Honeywell handheld computer to charge and operate in wet and freezing environments like cold storage warehousing. This feature will help protect the connection between device and dock so you can stay focused on daily tasks without hiccups.

Modular Mounting

Each dock comes equipped with a 2-hole mounting pattern to unlock hundreds of RAM® mounting components so you can customize your mount to your needs, and environment.