Non-emergency medical transportation plays a critical but often underappreciated role in the healthcare industry. RAM® Mounts has several mounting solutions that improve both the operator and patient experience. Inventive mounting systems for tablets, laptops, GPS units, and other medical equipment keep devices secure and accessible thanks to the trusted RAM® ball and socket system that features shock and vibration damping. Explore the top RAM® business solutions for medical transportation mounts below.

GDS® Technology™ for Healthcare

IntelliSkin® is a protective device sleeve featuring an integrated power connector that’s compatible with any GDS® charging dock, allowing for seamless integration in healthcare settings. This innovative solution prevents damage to the charging ports of phones and tablets, creating a universal docking platform compatible with any device wrapped in an IntelliSkin®. With IntelliSkin® and GDS® Technology™ for assistive technology, keep devices charged and at the ready.


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