GDS® Keyboard™ solutions are ideal for completing any mobile workstation. Available in two different versions – featuring a built-in trackpad or 10-key numeric pad – these rugged USB 1.1/2.0 keyboards are IP65 rated to provide resistance to spills and environmental factors.


With integrated VESA and AMPS hole patterns, easily secure the GDS® Keyboard™ using your choice of RAM® mounting components, including compatible RAM® Tab-Lock™ and RAM® Tab-Tite™ holders. The 33” coiled USB cable makes each GDS® Keyboard™ compatible with a range of operating systems, and the red LED backlit keypad is perfect for nighttime use.

GDS® Keyboard™ with Track Pad

This version of the GDS® Keyboard™ features a built-in, multi-touch capable trackpad, removing the need for an external mouse. Twelve function keys line the top row, while VESA and AMPS hole patterns make the keyboard RAM® Mounts Compatible™.

GDS® Keyboard™ with 10-Key Numeric Pad

An integrated 10-key numeric pad on the right side makes this GDS® Keyboard™ an ideal solution for data entry on the go. Combine this keyboard with a range of RAM® mounting components to complete your mobile office.

RAM® Mounts Compatible™

Each GDS® Keyboard™ is RAM® Mounts Compatible™ with the spring-loaded RAM® Tab-Lock™ and RAM® Tab-Tite™ holders. These rugged keyboard holders allow you to securely mount the GDS® Keyboard™ for virtually any use case – with a locking version available for added security. In addition, AMPS and VESA hole patterns on both GDS® Keyboard™ solutions allow for the attachment of a wide variety of RAM® components and ball bases.