Case Study: Pedestal PRO

About Pedesteal PRO

Pedestal PRO specializes in providing pedestals, housings, and hoods specific to non-wall applications needing card readers, cameras, intercoms, keypads, entry-exit buttons, phone entry, and other devices. As the leader in its industry, Pedestal PRO has built an unprecedented installation base of more than 250,000 locations and has completed projects for companies such as Comcast, Disney, the FBI, Facebook, Google, and many more.

Business Situation

When a customer needed the ability to angle a long range card reader, Pedestal PRO came to RAM® Mounts. While a competitor in their space had a solution, it didn’t cover wires and lacked a clean look. With an initial concept in mind, the experts at Pedestal PRO knew there had to be a better way – specifically with the experience and engineering prowess offered by RAM®.

Our Solution

It didn’t take long for a solution to take shape after Pedestal PRO approached RAM® Mounts with the issue and a concept. After initial discussions, no other company was even considered for the job. The custom solution completely covers the wires as they pass through the mount to the attached card reader, and can be positioned on the pedestal in whatever way is needed.

The Benefits

With RAM® Mounts, Pedestal PRO didn’t have to consume resources in-house to engineer and manufacture a solution. They cite three major reasons for choosing to work with RAM®: best of class engineering capabilities, industry experience, and reliability. Now Pedestal PRO is looking at deploying 5,000 units in year one and potentially up to 9,000 units in year two.

Lindon, Utah

Architectural Pedestal Manufacturing

Pedestals, housings and hoods for a variety of devices

22 Employees

7,500 Customers To Date

Top 3 Reasons: Engineering Capabilities, Experience, Reliability

RAM® Products Used: 15,000 Units Deployed

RAM® Customer for 1+ Years


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"RAM’s engineering expertise helped serve as the icing on the cake."
Pike Goss - President & CEO