5 Rideshare Phone Mount Solutions for Uber and Lyft Drivers

5 Rideshare Phone Mount Solutions for Uber and Lyft Drivers

For rideshare drivers, you can’t work without your phone. Of course, that means you need a reliable phone mount in your vehicle.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that RAM® Mounts has several inventive solutions popular among Uber and Lyft drivers that are trusted to get the job done everyday. And while most of the images below feature the RAM® X-Grip® phone holder, these mounting bases are also compatible with the RAM® Quick-Grip and a variety of form-fit cradles.

Check out the five phone mount solutions for rideshare drivers below, and don’t forget to try out the RAM® Mount Builder to narrow down your options even further.

1. RAM® Twist-Lock Suction Cup

As our most popular phone mount for vehicles, the RAM® Twist-Lock suction cup consists of a 3.3″ diameter suction cup base connected to a B size rubber ball. Paired with a RAM® arm and phone holder, you’ll be able to easily adjust the holder to your ideal viewing and operating position.

Pictured above, the smaller, low-profile version of the RAM® Twist-Lock a suction cup also provides a great hold with a smaller footprint.

2. Flex Adhesive Dash Mount

With the included 3M stick pad, this flex adhesive mount conforms to your dash and includes a B size ball, double socket arm, and phone holder. This is an excellent choice for anyone that prefers a dash mount over a windshield mount. 

3. RAM® Stubby Cup Holder Base

With a durable composite shell and flexible support fins, the RAM® Stubby cup holder base is a portable and versatile mounting solution for your vehicle’s cup holders. The flexible support fins can be trimmed to ensure a perfect fit, while the RAM® double ball and socket system helps to dampens vibration on the road. 

4. RAM® Tough-Wedge

A true fan favorite, this low-profile mounting base allows for quick installation and removal without any modification to your vehicle – simply slide the RAM® Tough-Wedge between the seat cushions for a stable mounting platform. For added security on rough roads, the optional expansion pump is available to create an even firmer hold. 

5. IntelliSkin® with GDS® Tech

If you’re looking for a mount to keep your Samsung phone protected and charged, look to IntelliSkin® sleeves and GDS® vehicle docks. IntelliSkin® sleeves feature military-grade drop protection as well as pogo pin technology that’s compatible with GDS® vehicle docks, meaning your phone will stay charged while driving.

Learn more about the GDS® Ecosystem to keep your devices charged at home and in your vehicle.

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