New 2020 Vehicle Compatibility for RAM® No-Drill™ Laptop and Tablet Mounts

New 2020 Vehicle Compatibility for RAM® No-Drill™ Laptop and Tablet Mounts

For in-vehicle workstations and mobile offices, RAM® No-Drill laptop and tablet mounts are versatile and long-trusted solutions that get the job done.

With vehicle-specific RAM® No-Drill bases, there’s no drilling or vehicle modifications required. Constructed from high-quality steel and designed specifically for your vehicle’s interior, these vehicle bases use the existing passenger side seat rail bolts as attachment points. Paired with a RAM® Tele-Pole, swing arm, and laptop or tablet holder, these mounts allow you to position your device at the perfect angle. And like other RAM® mounting systems, these solutions absorb shock and vibration to keep your device secure and protected.

With the RAM® Tough-Tray laptop holder, you can even enhance your workstation with a number of accessories that attach to the laptop holder’s perimeter. Take advantage of flat camping arms, phone holders, and more.

For the latest laptop and tablet mount compatibility with 2020 vehicles, see below.

Model Year 2020 Vehicle Compatibility

If you’re looking for compatibility for the latest model year of any of the following vehicles, you’re in luck. We’re happy to confirm fitment for these 2020 vehicle models, including the Ford F-Series, Ford Ranger, Ford Explorer, Chevrolet Silverado, Dodge Charger, Dodge RAM 1500, GMC Sierra, and Jeep Grand Cherokee. 

2020 Ford F-Series

2020 Ford Ranger & Ford Explorer

2020 Chevrolet Silverado & GMC Sierra

2020 Dodge Charger

2020 Dodge RAM 1500 & Jeep Grand Cherokee

RAM® No-Drill laptop and tablet mounts are available for a variety of vehicle makes, models, and years. Quickly narrow down compatible solutions with the RAM® Mount Builder.

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