NEW: Rugged, Low-Profile Handlebar Phone Mounts

Low-profile handlebar phone mount on Super73 e-bike

Your favorite RAM® phone holders are now available in low-profile kits! These RAM® X-Grip® and RAM® Quick-Grip™ kits feature the RAM® Tough-Claw™ base, making them the perfect handlebar solution for bicycles and more. 

Having a phone mounted on your bicycle or motorcycle handlebar can provide several benefits. One of the main benefits is that it allows you to easily access your phone while you are riding. This means that you can use navigation apps to help you find your way, or you can quickly check your messages or notifications without having to stop and dig your phone out of your pocket or backpack.

Another benefit of having a phone mounted on your handlebar is that it keeps your phone within easy reach, making it less likely that you will forget it or leave it behind. This is especially useful if you use your phone for navigation or as a tool for tracking your rides.

Simplify your setup with an easy-to-secure handlebar mounting solution—installed with the turn of a single knob. Find the perfect kit for your phone below.

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The spring-loaded RAM® Quick-Grip with Low-Profile RAM® Tough-Claw™ consists of the small RAM® Tough-Claw base and large RAM® Quick-Grip phone holder. With one-handed insertion and removal of your phone in this holder and the adjustable side arms, your phone will remain secured in the holder without blocking any ports or buttons. 

With the RAM® Tough-Claw base, easily attach this phone mount on round, square, and odd-shaped rails and bars ranging from .625" to 1.14" in outer diameter. 

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Find a mount for nearly any device, vehicle, and location. 

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