Go-To Gear for Kayak Anglers

Go-To Gear for Kayak Anglers

With the season changing and temperatures warming up, we’re all getting excited to spend more time in the sun and out on the water — specifically for kayak anglers who enjoy capturing their catches and on-water adventures. Kayaks are especially fun to rig with track systems and rails that can accommodate camera mounts, rod holders, paddle holders, and more.

Reggie Chapa is an avid outdoorsman, photographer, and kayak angler who takes great pride in outfitting his kayak with the best gear. Being a professional photographer and a member of fishing teams, he’s had his fair share of product testing and we’re proud that he uses RAM® Mounts on his two kayaks.

"I really like to capture my days on the water and with the GoPro mounts that RAM® offers for unique angles from a kayak separates your social media content from others. I specifically use the RAM® Tough-Pole 24″ Camera Mount at the bow of the kayak to get a front view of myself fishing. What I like best about the mount is that I can swing the boom on the fly to get a different angle of the water or fish that has been caught. To capture an alternate view for my second GoPro, I mount the 36″ RAM® Tough Pole behind me to get a first person point of view. I like to do a lot of sight casting and the coolest thing about this mount is that I can easily adjust it when I quickly stand up to search for those fish. RAM® is one of the best options for capturing your day out in the water."

Reggie Chapa

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