DARA Holsters Finds Secure Storage Option with RAM® Mounts

DARA Holsters Finds Secure Storage Option with RAM® Mounts

While RAM® Mounts has long had a reputation for building an amazing quality mount for personal electronics, the modular system has many other uses. One of those is the attachment of legally mounted firearms to a vehicle or other location.

We recently began working with DARA Holsters, which introduced its newest holster and mount to showcase the security and versatility of its holsters. We invited DARA to share a bit on what makes this partnership so great for those wishing to mount a firearm where it can be readily accessible.  You can buy the new RAM® Mount DARA Holster now as well.

How vital is access and the mounting options to gun owners?

Since our beginning, DARA has been singularly focused on designing custom holsters around the many needs of the firearms carrying community. Access to a firearm is important and very dependent on the specific needs of its owner. With that in mind, DARA strives to fulfill those requirements in both industry standard, and because Jon can’t help himself, innovative ways. From customizing race holsters, to providing additional retention levels (D-2&3) DARA prides itself on being there to meet both the present and anticipated needs of its customers. 

Throughout the years we have been asked many times to incorporate other companies’ products in one way or another to our line, always politely declining to do so. However, when the RAM® Mounts design was brought to the table, we tested their design concepts, noted the material quality and workmanship and thought: “these things can’t be made any better,” let’s call RAM® and tell them what we want to do. So, DARA designed a holster to receive the RAM® system and thereby created a new product. This new holstering product can be easily mounted within a vehicle or anywhere else the need for this type of unique mounting system is required. The versatility of the RAM® mounted DARA Holster is exactly what our customers needed, and what makes it such an in-demand product. 

What safety precautions should gun owners take when considering “non-traditional” holstering options?

DARA suggests when you holster a firearm your first consideration be safety and any applicable laws. Some states prohibit vehicle-mounted holsters while some others require you to have a concealed carry permit as they consider the holstered firearm a concealed weapon. Next, your placement of the holster should not impede your ability to operate the motor vehicle, nor should it provide access to an-unauthorized person. Also, because your firearm is not on your person and may possibly be visible to persons outside the vehicle, always remember when exiting to either take the firearm with you or securely place the holstered firearm hidden away from prying eyes. The beauty of having a DARA RAM® Mount holster is that the entire holster and firearm can easily be removed and taken with you or locked in the glove compartment; leaving no evidence of a vehicle-mounted firearm. 

How does Dara approach exploring new solutions and approaching different mounting/holstering solutions?

When Thomas Edison was questioned by a reporter about his numerous failures at creating a light bulb, his famously misquoted response went something like this… “I’ve not failed 700 times at creating a light bulb, I’ve just discovered 700 ways how not to create one!” Here at DARA, our research and development carries on with that same devotion, while also subscribing to the tenant that Henry Ford was purported to have said… “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” At DARA, we take an approach that’s only slightly different, while at the same time remembering, it’s not always about re-creating the wheel, but if you take the time to look at it from a different perspective you might be able to make it better, somehow. 

How does RAM® Mounts help deliver the solution Dara set out to provide?

Today in the U.S.A. there is presently a need for unique holstering more than at any other time in the last 75 years. With the demand for personal carry of a firearm by so many more thousands of people on the rise, a quality system for vehicle mounts was necessary. DARA saw that RAM® was an industry leader with a durable and adjustable socket derived swivel mounting system that could be incorporated into the DARA holster line. As a matter of fact, a quick look around the DARA shop and you’ll see work stations with iPads and laptops that are mounted using RAM® systems. DARA had already recognized the unique value of RAM® Mounts and realized that if you wanted to easily mount either a permanent or quick release holster system to your unique, or not so unique need, RAM® was the best answer. 

DARA Holsters history of innovation

DARA Holsters and Gear Inc. (DARA) was formed in 2012 from owner/operator Jon Dara’s desire to have a holster that met his specific needs. After looking at several types of industry accepted materials he chose Kydex® (a thermoplastic acrylic-polyvinyl chloride) that he felt would be the most durable and provide the necessary rigidity to make a great holster. So after cooking up a few holsters in his kitchen and getting some very nice reviews, he soon found himself in his wood shed setting up a small work shop.

After a year of manufacturing in those humble origins, Jon was set upon building a 1,200 sq. ft. shop. Within the space of about a year it became obvious that an even larger shop would be necessary. So a 5,000 sq. ft. building is now in the works, where he and his team of 8 plan on tackling the ever-increasing demand.

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