• Heater module designed specifically for Zebra ET8x RAM® and GDS® tablet docks
  • Regulates the tablet's operating temperature by generating forced heat to the back of the tablet
  • Integrated thermistor detects temperature and automatically activates the heater when temps reach below approximately 32-degrees fahrenheit
  • Built-in safety plunger deactivates the heater when the device is undocked
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty
RAM® Temp-Right™ Dock Heating Module for Zebra ET8x 2-in-1 Tablet
Part#:RAM-DOCK-HEATER1-AU UPC:793442016172 Patent Pending
The RAM® Temp-Right™ Dock Heating Module for Zebra ET8x 2-in-1 Tablet (RAM-DOCK-HEATER1-AU) is a self-regulating heater module available as an add-on accessory when your ET8x docking system is mounted in extremely cold environments. When installed to the dock and connected to a power source, the integrated thermistor detects when temperatures reach below 32-degrees fahrenheit, automatically activates the heater, and forces hot air throughout the back of the tablet via a 12-VDC Axial cooling fan. The heater will bring the device up to safe operating temperatures and then automatically turns off. In addition, a built-in safety plunger prevents the heater from activating when the device is undocked. Once the device is docked, it presses on the safety plunger which will activate the functionalities of the Temp-Right™. This add-on accessory was built to keep devices operable specifically in cold environments for transportation & logistics and cold storage warehousing use cases.

hardware included

Assembly Hardware


High strength composite
Stainless Steel

packaging type

Poly Bag

input voltage


output voltage

12V @ 7.5A

power output


output current

7.5A max

input cable length

1 Meter

operating temperature

-30°C to +70°C

storage temperature

-40°C to +85°C


WEEE and RoHS Compliant


3 year warranty


0.71 lb

Additional Information

24-60VDC Input (12VDC Output) Charger is required for this module. See RAM-GDS-CHARGE-V16U