RAM® Mounts offers premium solutions for a variety of rugged Panasonic Toughbook® and Toughpad® devices including handheld PCs, tablets and laptops. Utilizing our form-fitting cradle design, securing your device wherever you need it has never been easier. The versatility of RAM® systems allow you to efficiently move your device between your car, desk, forklift, and much more. Allowing for near-infinite adjustability as well as vibration damping, the RAM® double ball and socket system provides maximum versatility and helps to extend the life of these devices. Explore the full line of Panasonic device mounts below.

FZ-A3 Powered Docks

The newest Panasonic rugged tablet is now RAM® Mounts Compatible™ with form-fit powered docks—available in locking and non-locking variations. Ideal for markets including warehousing, logistics, transportation, and retail, the TOUGHBOOK® A3 has an outdoor-viewable display and functions in the rain and even with gloved hands. Pair this tablet with RAM® mounting components for an ultra-rugged solution.

Handheld Holders

Featuring powered, non-powered, combination and key locking variations, these rugged cradles are designed to get the job done in the field while keeping your device charged and secure from theft. Each form-fit cradle is RAM® Mounts Compatible™ and can be expanded with any B or C size diamond base, double ball mount, and any base for your desired mounting location. Available for select Panasonic Handheld Computers, including the Panasonic FZ-N1, FZ-F1 and FZ-T1.

Tablet Holders

To conquer everyday tasks in the warehouse, in the field, or on the front lines, RAM® Mounts rugged mounting solutions enable Panasonic's rugged tablets to increase mobility and performance. Explore the RAM® X-Grip®, RAM® Tab-Tite™ and RAM® Tab-Lock™ product lines to find a multitude of universal and locking options for Toughbook® and Toughpad®.

Toughbook® Laptop Trays

Toughbook® laptop mounting solutions from RAM® Mounts are the top choice for securing laptops in make/model specific cars, trucks, vans, fleet vehicles, and more. Choose from several popular solutions, including RAM® No-Drill™, drill-down, RAM® Pod™, and RAM® Seat-Mate™ options. Depend on RAM® vehicle laptop mounts to deliver durability that protects your investment while providing functionality so you can get the job done.