FZ-A3 Docks & Mounts

The newest Panasonic rugged tablet is now RAM® Mounts Compatible™ with form-fit powered docks—available in locking and non-locking variations. Ideal for markets including warehousing, logistics, transportation, and retail, this TOUGHBOOK® has an outdoor-viewable display and functions in the rain and even with gloved hands. Pair this tablet with RAM® mounting components for an ultra-rugged solution.

NFC Repeater Compatible

These form-fit docks are equipped with an NFC repeater, which allows the FZ-A3's NFC reader to communicate with NFC tags and devices even when the device is docked and not in direct contact with the NFC tag or device. This feature can be useful for applications where the FZ-A3 needs to be mounted in a fixed location and NFC functionality is required.

Locking & Non-Locking Options

Choose between key-locking and non-locking variations of the Panasonic FZ-A3 powered docks. A set of two keys is provided for the integrated tubular key-locking system. In addition to optimal charging and mounting, these docks also offer the option of security and theft deterrence.


Enhance your solution with compatible accessory add-ons like the GDS® Roto-Mag™ Magnetic Hand Strap and Grip Handle, RAM® Mount & Accessory Plate, and GDS® Hand-Stand™ Hand Strap and Kickstand.

Pogo Pin Technology

Integrated pogo pin docking contacts align with the FZ-A3 pogo pads for a user-friendly charging experience—no ports necessary. Plug in the 1.2m-long DC barrel connector to your power source, insert the device into the holder, and take advantage of instant charging capabilites.