Wherever you need the PC experience, the GDS® View™ 13.3” touchscreen monitor is there to deliver. The integrated VESA hole pattern makes the monitor RAM® Mounts Compatible™ to secure with RAM® ball bases and double socket arms. Backed by MIL-STD-810G 514.5 vibration testing, this rugged monitor solution delivers the same quality you’ve come to expect from every GDS® Tech™ product.


The GDS® View™ anti-glare monitor features a two-point capacitive touchscreen that allows you to pinch, zoom, and select. Audio is delivered through two integrated 2W speakers, and control buttons are easily accessible on the front of the monitor. To reduce eyestrain, take advantage of the red monochrome night mode.

Vehicle Mounts

The GDS® View™ monitor and other GDS® Ecosystem™ products are RAM® Mounts Compatible™ – giving you everything needed to create a rugged mobile workstation. RAM® No-Drill™ mounting bases are designed to fit compatible vehicles perfectly using the front bench or passenger side seat rail bolts as attachment points. Combined with the RAM® Tele-Pole™ with flange and swing arm components, position the GDS® View™ monitor at nearly any angle.

Universal Mounts

Universal ball mounts featuring VESA hole patterns make it easy to connect the GDS® View™ monitor to the RAM® double ball and socket system. Start by attaching a VESA hole pattern C or D size ball base to the monitor, and then choose a compatible RAM® double socket arm. With the simple twist of the arm’s knob, adjust your GDS® View™ monitor to the ideal viewing and operating angle.

Connect with GDS® Ecosystem™

It doesn’t end with the GDS® View™ monitor – the RAM® Mounts Compatible™ GDS® Ecosystem™ has everything you need to make your mobile workstation work for you. Complete your setup with peripherals like the GDS® Keyboard™ and the GDS® Audio™ speaker, and connect it all with a GDS® Hub™. In addition, GDS® vehicle docks provide charging and data sync capabilities for IntelliSkin®-enabled devices to keep your devices powered and protected.