Scott Anderson - Director of Electrical Engineering

Scott Anderson joined NPI in 2016 to add to the engineering scale of RAM® Mounts. Scott has more than 30 years of professional experience in mobile and vehicular electronics, including with AT&T and its subsidiaries in developing products that helped evolve the cellular internet technologies of today. In addition, he has extensive experience in wireless handset design architecture, evolving battery chemistries, display technologies, and the handset and tablet industry. Scott comes to RAM® Mounts directly from the telematics industry, where he spent the last decade as lead technical engineer and the head of hardware at Telogis, as well as director and VP of hardware engineering for Spireon.


In his current role as VP of Engineering, Scott’s primary focus is on growing the electronics capability of RAM® Mounts solutions as the company grows. The GDS® and Intelliskin® line of products are a large focus for Scott as new products from device OEMs require support. Outside of work he enjoys building, working, riding and driving anything with a wheel.