Ohio's New Phone Down Driving Law

A RAM® magsafe adapter is secured to the dashboard of a vehicle via an adhesive base.

On April 4th, 2023 Ohio implemented a new law making it illegal to use or hold a cell phone or electronic device in your hand, lap, or other parts of the body while driving on Ohio roads. Whether you're a resident of the state or a traveler passing through, it's important to stay safe on the road. For all drivers hitting the pavement, we recommend following these steps:

1. Make sure to read up on your state's phone usage laws

2. Check whether windshield mounts are legal in your state

3. Find your ideal device mount to enable hands-free navigation

To save you the busy work of checking whether Ohio allows device mounts to be secured to the windshield, we've confirmed that they do not allow the use of windshield mounts. This means drivers will want to secure their phones to the dashboard.

Explore our most popular solutions for vehicle windshields, dashboards, and more below! 

Windshield Mounts

The RAM® Twist-Lock base is a beloved, non-permanent solution, but did you know in some states it's considered to be an obstruction of your windshield? 

Dashboard Solutions

You don't have to sacrifice the luxury of having your navigation within your field of vision. Check out these alternative adhesive, cupholder & friction-based solutions that'll sit eye-level on the dashboard.

Adhesive Bases

Weighted Friction Dashboard Base

Build Your Entire Mounting Solution

Find a mount for nearly any device, vehicle, and location. 

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