5 Essential RAM® Mounts Every Photographer Should Have

Two cameras, one is mounted to a RAM C-size all, the other is mounted on a rolling stand

You might have RAM® Mounts for your car or motorcycle, but have you ever thought about how they could enhance your photography game? With thousands of RAM® components, we’ve seen photographers come up with several different creative uses for DSLR, mirrorless, and action cameras.

Here are five essential RAM® Mounts that every photographer should have in their camera bag.

Make Your Camera RAM® Mounts Compatible: 1/4″-20 Adapters

This is the starting point for most Canon, Nikon, or Sony cameras. Most of today’s DSLR cameras include a 1/4″-20 connection, and with a RAM® 1/4″-20 threaded ball adapter you can ensure compatibility with a wide world of RAM® mounting components.

For smaller cameras, B size will work just fine. But if your camera is on the heavier side – or you’re using it in more demanding situations – look toward the C size ball options.

For Long Exposure and Night Photography: RAM® Tripod Stand

Whether you’re a hobby photographer or a seasoned pro, chances are you already know a reliable tripod is an absolute must.

If you haven’t invested in one yet, look toward the heavy duty RAM® adjustable tripop. Comfortable grips make it easy to carry and set up, and the legs collapse for convenient storage when not in use or moving to your next shooting location. Additionally, you can easily customize it with a number of RAM® components.

For a low-profile option, check out the small RAM® tripod base that includes either a B size ball or C size ball.

The Perfect Travel Companion: RAM® Tough-Claw

Already one of the most popular RAM® components available, the RAM® Tough-Claw is an ideal travel companion for photographers.

If you ever find yourself without your tripod (hint: you will) but needing that extra camera stability, just use this clamping mount. A simple twist of the knob will create a tight grip to round, square, and odd-shaped rails and bars. Available in small, medium, and large versions, the RAM® Tough-Claw is also available as part of a number of kits.

For action camera users, this kit with a 22″ extension pole can create more interesting perspectives in nearly any use case.

For Your Favorite Lighting Accessory: RAM® Tough-Tap

Thinking of going off the beaten path? Check out this brilliant use of the RAM® Tough-Tap mount and the LumeCube lighting accessory from RAM® employee Michael Inglima.

For nature and wildlife photographers who are out in the elements – or even portrait photographers looking for a unique setting – this is a great solution for achieving creative lighting conditions.

The screw is small enough that it won’t harm the tree you’re attaching it to. And you can even mount a GoPro® or other action camera to record your hunt for the elusive Bigfoot… er, record all your outdoor adventures.

Everything You Need for Your Action Camera

Speaking of action cameras, the RAM® ball and socket system’s vibration damping is a match made in heaven. You can achieve awesome shot angles and perspectives while getting little to no shake depending on the situation.

To get started, the RAM® universal action camera adapter will allow you to take advantage of RAM® arms, extensions, and numerous mounting bases. Whether you’re off-roading, mountain biking, piloting an airplane, paddleboarding, or fishing, there’s a RAM® mounting setup for you.

Building Your Own Custom Solutions

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Build Your Entire Mounting Solution

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