4 Mounting Solutions That Are Perfect for Your Ice Fishing Adventures

Kristine Fischer recording her ice fishing with the RAM® Mounts Tough-Claw™ Double Ball Mount with Universal Action Camera Adapter

Preparation is one of the most important aspects of ice fishing, and if you’re reading this chances are you’re not a rookie. You likely already know that choosing the right rods, reels, shelter, and tools are of the utmost importance, especially when you’re facing bone-chilling temperatures for extended periods of time.

But much like kayak fishing has seen over the past handful of years, inventive new products along with innovations in tech are making ice fishing quickly gain in popularity. From securing (and powering) your fishfinder to getting those unique GoPro® angles, here are four mounting solutions that you’ll want to implement for your next ice fishing adventure.

1. RAM® Double Ball Mount for Fishfinders

If you already use RAM® Mounts on your boat or kayak, then you’ll know that the double ball and socket system will make transitioning it to your ice unit a breeze. Depending on your setup, all that you need is probably another ball base and – depending on your preference – possibly another double socket arm.

Even if you’re new to RAM®, we’ve made it easy to find compatible mounting solutions for your fishfinder. Just check out the RAM® Mount Builder to narrow down your options. For more tips and tricks, don’t miss this great look at a fishfinder setup for ice from RAM® fishing team member Tyler Hicks:

2. RAM® Tough-Claw with Action Camera Adapter

The RAM® Tough-Claw clamping base has long been a customer favorite. With its ability to quickly and easily install to a variety of rails and bars, it’s an ideal solution for your ice shelter, sled, or bucket. 

The attached RAM® rubber ball means it’s compatible with a wide range of useful RAM® products. But for ice fishing, pairing with our universal action camera adapter to capture the action is especially compelling. While the action camera adapter is compatible with a wide range of brands including GoPro®, it also can be adjusted to pretty much any angle. And if you want more height, just look to the RAM® Tough-Pole.

Here’s how RAM® sponsored athlete Kristine Fischer (pictured above) uses the RAM® Tough-Claw and action camera adapter during her ice fishing adventures:

“Recording on the ice can be a bit cumbersome, with the lack of tracks and other mounting options that are common on most any watercraft. However, with the RAM® Tough-Claw, I’m able to capture stills and videos in a variety of ways. The adjustable claw allows me to secure my GoPro® on any of the inner rods of my ice house, as well as cinching it tight to the handle of my Vexilar so I can record while running and gunning out on the ice. As with most all RAM® Mounts, you’re able to adjust it to accommodate a variety of angles! With its versatility and ease of use, the RAM® Tough Claw and action camera adapter allows me to be able to capture my solo ice fishing adventures.”

3. RAM® Rod Holders for Ice Fishing

Whether you’re using the RAM® Tough-Claw or need a track mounting solution, we have you covered with a range of rod holders that anglers have long trusted.

Several of these options can be easily moved from your ice fishing setup to your boat or kayak. For example, take this clamping RAM® Tube Jr. rod holder kit that’s easy to mount to a bucket or the railing inside your ice shed. Or install any RAM® Tough-Track on your sled and then pair with these rod holder kits for tracks.

4. RAM® Ball Adapters

Last but not least, our friends from Wired2Fish have an awesome video showcasing an “Ultimate Ice Fishing VLOG Setup”.

Of course, the lithium-ion battery pack featured in the video powers your fishfinder. However, it also includes USB ports that you can use to keep your action camera or phone powered. For our purposes, we love that these ice fishing batteries are implementing 1/4″-20 threads. It makes it simple to attach adapters like the RAM-B-237U – just twist in the threaded post and you have a RAM® rubber ball that’s ready to connect to a variety of double socket arms and device holders. To learn more, see the video below.

Find top suggested products for fishfinders, action cameras, and rod holders on our ice fishing page.

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