Mount of the Month: RAM® Universal Action Camera Adapter

Mount of the Month: RAM® Universal Action Camera Adapter

Take your action camera to the next level with this RAM® Mounts universal action camera adapter.

Help extend the life of your device by replacing your favorite action camera’s factory mount with this universal adapter and your favorite RAM® mounting base. The patented design dampens shock and vibration in the most demanding environments. Compatible with a huge selection of mounting bases for nearly any activity you can think of, take full advantage of the inventive RAM® ball and socket system – no matter what brand of action camera you own.

To learn more, see the Q&A below:

Mount of the Month Q&A: Universal Action Camera Adapter

What’s the universal action camera adapter used for?

Paired with a compatible RAM® arm and mounting base, you can easily mount your action camera for a variety of uses: bicycling, boating, driving, fishing, flying, kayaking, mounting biking, off-roading, paddle boarding, snowmobiling, and almost anything else you can think of.

What does it do?

This adapter attaches to the underside of almost any action camera – GoPro® included. The rubber ball design of the RAM® Mounts system dampens shock and vibration to help extend the life of your device while also providing a stable shot. In addition, this system provides near-infinite adjustability. With just the twist of a knob, you can position your action camera exactly where you need it to achieve your ideal angle.

Check out this downhill mountain biking video shot using the universal action camera adapter and the RAM® GoPro® mounting base:

How’s it work?

The adapter is connected to a 1″ RAM® rubber ball, making it compatible with RAM® arms and mounting bases.

For instance, the RAM® Torque™ is the perfect handlebar or rail base for motorcycles and ATVs. Or if you need to mount your action camera to a windshield, trust the popular RAM® Twist-Lock™ Suction Cup. For kayak fishing, attach your action camera to the RAM® Tough-Pole™ extension or even the RAM ROD® HD fishing rod holder.

What else should I know?

While this adapter works with most action cameras on the market, ensure that your device has a compatible two-prong attachment.

When is it available?

The RAM® Universal Action Camera Adapter is available now, both in a variety of kits and separately:

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